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See what they did there?

I wake up every morning, and when I have time to reflect, I’m thankful. Thankful to see another day. Thankful for my health. Today, I added BBM to that list. I got a BBM message from the homie Mika showing me one of the funniest/disrespectful videos I’ve seen in a minute! Check out the video Here NOTE: NSFW, and play it on your mobile phone if your browser is acting janky.

Here is my official commentary on this urban cinematic expression of sexuality:

1) Shorty brought new meaning to the term “Multitasking”

2) We never get confirmation if dude on the phone is her boyfriend, but it’s gotta be obvious that he is, if she’s answering the phone while her mouth is full.

3) That club #swindle she pulled definitely ranks in my top ten female swindle’s I have ever witnessed. What many men won’t admit is that they’ve been in situations like this, only worse.

3a) I would’ve been suspicious because NO ONE plays MIMS ANYWHERE in the club anymore!

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4) Every man who watches this video is wondering “has that ever happened to me?” or ” Is this karma for when I did the same to her?”

4a) Every man will shoot a mean side eye in all future conversations with their GFs/Sig. Other when they say “mmhmm”.

5) What possessed her to answer the phone? In fact, what possessed her to let dude tape her?! I know she knew she was in the midst of a YouTube moment!

6) This chick has a sidekick? I’m sorry I wouldn’t have trusted her basic @ss or that basic phone!

7) Somewhere, a bunch of men and women yelled “This is why I’m single!”

Now, I’ve never been an advocate of cheating. However, in a twisted way I can understand why people do what they do. I just feel there’s different “levels of cheating”, if you will. Respect plays a huge part, and it’s clear this woman has no respect for her significant other. We all know there’s time’s when you lie over the phone or on text, but it seems like she went the extra mile to display defiance to and utter disrespect of her man and their faux relationship. Now to be fair, we don’t know the catalyst for her actions (i.e. did he cheat, hit her, or dis her). I just know if you’re going that hard [||] to prove that your BF/GF aint sh*, maybe you should cut ties.

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I also know that these type of hood blue movies videos give a lot of people pause about being in a committed relationship. I have enough stories about situations like this and others to write 7 books (No Harry Potter), so I know firsthand the capacity and lengths people will go to disregard their relationships. It’s easy to say “I’m this type of dude/woman that won’t happen to me”. I would say that you were probably a victim, but failed to see the signs.  It’s difficult to have faith in a working relationship when you know how easy it is for people to cheat and how easy it is for people to disrespect (both adulterer and adulteree). Doesn’t bolster my confidence, however, I guess that’s why you put faith into other people…

SBM community, what situations do you know/experienced similar to this video? Are these type of issues a detriment to your outlook on committed relationships? Will you ever believe that your S/O is out at the club?

Bless the mic and speak on this topic!