I can't read French, but pretty sure it says "F* a diamond"

There I am … sitting in class.

Professor: “DeBeers is a cartel that is not allowed to operate in the U.S.  They were faced with an excess supply of diamonds and needed a way to make their relatively worthless stones worth a lot.  Engagement rings, “Diamonds are Forever”, Spending 3 months salary on a ring, Diamonds = Love … all that was DeBeers.”
SBM: *raises hand* “So, DeBeers is really to blame for the concept of the Blood Diamond?”
Professor: “It’s old piece of coal. As a 10 year old, are you willing to tote an AK-47 for coal? No. Someone has to make sure that coal is worth a lot of money.”
SBM: “DeBeers sounds pretty f*’d up.”
Professor: “Yeah … they’re pretty f*’d up.”

And who said you don’t learn useful things in business school?

When I was a kid I played house.  I had no idea that I would spend a significant portion of my life running from the thought of marriage, but at the time … I was young & dumb.  I remember having a little plastic ring that I gave to my pre-pubescent wife.  I remember the trouble I went through to get the ring from a dispensing machine.  I remember that I wanted to buy something more practical with that quarter (cool little stick ball that felt like snot … hot sh*).  But … I knew that I would not make my future wife happy without that little “symbol of my love.”

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And that’s where the problem started …

The fact is that women society has some messed up principles when it comes to diamonds.  Men are terrible too … but in the traditional SBM style I’m going to focus on the “fairer” sex.  The following are “true” stories … and they make me sick.

A Woman who rather wait to be proposed to so her future husband can save for the ring

Crazy thing … I thought the point or proposing was to get married.  If you found the person you want to marry, and they want to marry you … the carats and clarity of the ring is what is delaying things?  When I first asked someone this and heard “yes … I would wait” I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

A Woman who gets her engagement ring appraised … then calculates 3 months salary

So, you got the ring, the got the proposal, your happy.  But you have a sneaking suspicion that you got cheated out of half a carat since your friend’s fiancee works at the same firm but got a bigger ring.  And you need to go confirm your suspicion.  What is wrong with you? I hear getting an engagement ring appraised is common … I wish my future fiancee would. I WISH SHE WOULD.

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A Woman sits through “Blood Diamond” … without flinching

Before I settled down, I used to watch this movie with every girl I dated.  How can you not get warm in the chest when the dad tries to get his son and he doesn’t even recognize him?  How can you just site there when the general is about to shoot the kid to figure out where the diamond is?  How can you not want to go run up and slap a DeBeers employee in the face right after?

A Man thinks he is defined by the size of the ring he proposes with

Oh yeah … men are just as bad.  I don’t know if this is straight simping, or something much much deeper.  I know you don’t want your girl to be the one amongst her friends with the small ring, but how about that fact that most of her friends aren’t married.  If she wants to show off something, how about the marriage certificate.

For all the men that have had to struggle to afford a diamond, got yelled at for buying the wrong diamonds, or had their love defined by a rock … this if for you.

And for you men that pushed that big ring on your girl after she had to show you “Blood Diamond” … kill yo self.

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Am I thinking too much into this?  Are diamonds still considered the universal sign for everlasting love?  Why might I be wrong (I’m not) … why does that rock mean “I love you”

– SBM aka  “Yes it was created in a lab … and you better dome me up just the same”