Black Man don’t date white women

Lot of you woulda smashed, but later regretted it.

I don’t have to tell you much about why I would write a post on a topic like why black men don’t date white women.  I was surprised one day when I was dismissed from a conversation about dating white women by a group of Black women who said, “Shut up, we know you’re the type to date white women.” And … everyone was okay with that.  They weren’t mad at me, they just announced and kept it moving.  I never really knew what that meant until later, but basically, they were saying, our beef isn’t with the Black men who are the type to date white women, it’s with those who do it just because.  So I guess with that said since I don’t usually like to talk about interracial dating, but am asked to all the time, I think I’d give some commentary on reasons why I would suggest a black man should refrain from dating a white woman.

6 reasons why black men don’t date white women:


A lot of those stereotypes aren’t really true about white women

I think a lot of Black men get excited about the rumors about white women being more promiscuous and freakier in the bedroom.  That’s actually pretty false, the freakiest woman I’ve ever been with might have been white, but in terms of sheer numbers, it was Black women.  One thing I will say though is there are a small number of white women who insist on living up to expectations, (Read: stereotypes), that was pretty interesting.

You don’t date white women who enable you

So, I have this funny feeling that Kid Cudi is my cousin, and I’ll tell you why.  I was dating this girl one time and she was annoying the hell out of me one time when we were out for drinks with some friends.  After a while, it led to an argument, not really an argument, but it was me exploding because I had been drinking and I said, “Just go home, go the f*ck home, take my keys, go to my apartment and do not go to sleep until I get there.” Son…. She said, “OK.” She actually did that, and that let me know that you just can’t give men that type of power in a relationship, I had to get away from her.

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They’re sort of weird

No matter how much you try, you’ll never understand why they have to wash their hair everyday or put baby powder in it at times.  You’re never going to understand the various things they eat that you would never have tried growing up in a Black home.  You’re just not.  Let it go.  And you’re never, not ever, going to understand their logic.  You’ll either get a control freak, chances: 1 in 6, or you’ll get the most passive individual you’ve ever met in your life.  Anytime you try and ask her what she wants she’ll respond, “Whatever you want is fine with me.” This can go on for hours.

You gonna have to teach her some ish

There’s going to come to a point in time that something is going to happen and she’s not going to understand it because either she’s a woman or she’s white.  You’re going to have to be the one to teach her.  And it might cause you to sell out some people that you should normally be loyal too.  For example when she asks you, “Why is she so loud?” … Do you really want to answer that question?

Their hair will be everywhere

Let me circle back for a second because people complain about “other” women’s hair a lot and call it good hair, but that’s not always true.  There’s nothing worse than someone walking up to you and taking a long strand of blonde hair off your shirt.  You just don’t know how to answer it.  The hair will be everywhere in your house, her house, car, clothes, and wallet.  You’ll be pulling strands of hair out places you couldn’t imagine.

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Would you rather a chick cry or argue

This is just from my personal experience, but I’ve dated white women who either went bat sh*t, or they just started crying … in public.  You know I’ve never seen “other” women break down crying unless they told a dude they were pregnant and he was like, “Um… so” and walked away, or found out he was cheating on her with his … wife.  But there’s nothing like having a woman cry in public about you, and there’s nothing worse than when that woman is white.  Put it to you like this, you just don’t want to give the impression to other white men that you are hurting a white woman.

All jokes aside, this is actually very true and probably the best advice I can give any guy who is seriously considering dating white women.  If you think that by dating a white chick you’ll get away from the sh*t you have to put up with “other” women, that’s just not all the way true.  There’s a plethora of crap that you put up with because you’re dating a woman.  That’s why I always recommend that all men and women date outside their race so they can stop blaming problems with the gender on race.  And also that makes you a quitter.  Never be a quitter.

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Now, I said, “that’s just not all the way true.” There are some very clear differences.  For me, I hate discussing race all the time.  And when you date someone in your race, you’re going to spend a significant amount of time talking about it.  Well, that’s one reason why I date the “other” chicks that have those sweatshirts that say, Phillips Exeter, but that’s neither here nor there.  Anyway, let me give you a very valuable piece of advice, don’t ever say the following statement, “You’re no different than the Black women I date.” She’ll react no different than if you said, “This is why I don’t date Black women” to a Black woman. Dr. V


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