[PIC] Flavor Flav

I hate to admit it, but I have been watching “Flavor of Love” since the first season. During the first season, I fought it or a long time, but I got caught by a marathon and got hooked. The show really is bad for black people and portrays us in a very negative light, but its worst than crack.

When I first started watching this show, I was jealous … very jealous … almost hater jealous. You had a guy who was ugly, had a bunch of kids, no class, and no sense … and you had like 15 gorgeous and beautiful women (mixed in with a couple of bucket heads) who are fighting over him … and ready to be a hoe in front of the camera to win him. And to aid him in his decision, he gets a house, a butler, and access to some spectacular dates and experiences, in order to find “true love” with one of these women. Yet … he has failed so many times. It makes you wonder … will it ever work? And then it makes you think … would it work for any other guy (or girl)?

For most people … given a situation like Flavor Flav’s … they will fail!

And I mean anyone who has more than one person knowingly fighting for them. This could be the guy who just has 3 women fighting for their attention, the model at the club getting looks from all over, or the guy who has a girlfriend and a mistress fighting for number one. You might end with a number, a date, even some p*ssy … but not “true love”. Here are some reasons:

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Human nature is to win

There is a good chance that the person will quickly forget why they are fighting for your attention. They may have started out because of a genuine attraction to you … but at some point they just want to win. They may realize that your no longer the person they want to be with … but they just gotta beat that other b*tch..

The “Prize” will always be seen as a trophy

People competing for a person will always look at that person as a prize to win and flaunt. You don’t win a trophy so that you can take care of it and put more work into … who would want the Vince Lombardi trophy if it wanted its feet rubbed after you won the super bowl to get it. A trophy, after its won, should only give back to the winner … and thats how the winner is gonna treat it. How is that “true love”?

The Incentive to be fake is HIGH

With a person wanting to win a trophy, their not going to be real. As a commenter (Comeback Girl) told me … if a guy isn’t a fan of <insert personal feature here> then “to the left” (read: dump him). Most people know if their not liked, its not worth it to hold onto the situation. Any person wants to be liked as much as they like the other person … unless the other person is a trophy. If your fighting for a prize, who the f*ck cares about after you win .. you just want that trophy. And in the case of these shows, you can watch the old seasons (all available on DVD) and see what it is the person likes and have your fakeness down to a T.

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Flavor Flav is ugly as sh*t

Man … I am horrible at judging looks when it comes to other men (still don’t know why girls sweat Boris … looks normal to me) … and I know this isn’t a generalized reason … but Flavor Flav is an ugly motherf*cker. So how can’t you look at him as some gold toothed trophy.

So … while everyone thinks “I would love to have all them women (guys in New York’s case) fighting over me” … I don’t think its all its cracked up to be.

On a side note, this is the whackest group of girls from all the seasons. Most of them don’t look good, the best looking ones seem to be the fakest (Prancer and Seezinz). And then you got some of the most serious hoodrats I’ve ever seen on TV