Friday … YAH!!!!

  • I truly love ignorance music.  Since I’ve got Rhapsody, i have access to an unlimited supply of it … so this has been good.  Sadly, I think years of this stuff is literally starting to rot my brain.  I think I have finally exposed myself to too much of it where it’s seeping into my pores and doing damage … so while R&B is stll banned in my presence … I am going to go back to conscious rap.  Suggestions are welcomed.
  • I’m thinking about renting my place and moving into DC.  I just think a young virale male like me should be balling in the city instead of chilling in the suburbs.  Maybe Adam’s Morgan, then night will be spent at Tryst … everyday.
  • I went to Atlanta for business, and besides the exception of one night spent chilling … I hated it.  I’m a little turned off by the city now and realize my infactuation was back in my “club and party all the time phase”.  I am still impressed by the relatively low cost of living and nice downtown … but … might be expanding the relocation search to include a couple more cities.
  • Recruiting events suck when you have to set up, man, and break down everything yourself …
  • I think I might be picking up some unhealthy habits that I need to kick soon.  Getting dumber and lazier by the day … not a good look for someone whose goal in life is to take over the world business wise.
  • I might stop writing posts everyday.  This sh*t is a whole lot of work and I got a whole lot of work otherwise.  I think I’m going to have to find a happy medium … unless people want to start donating money and then I’ll feel better … come on … you know you got it …
  • I think I am coming to terms with the fact I will probably remain unmarried until I’m 30.
  • I rarely ever make decisions from the gut (it takes me about 15 minutes to choose toothpaste) and when I do they usually go bad.  Trying to think if I need to learn to live by instinct more … or if I need to cut out these “by the gut” decisions all together.
  • While The Single Sister’s who Speak and The Comeback Girl both are making a big push for making lists of the qualities they want in a significant other.  Well … I have already said that I think the list shouldn’t be more than 3 … and I stick by that.  I used to have an overly elaborate point sytem that essentially could rank a woman based on a million and one things.  Problem is … 75% are actually irrelevant to my happiness and all they did was unfairly disqualify a lot of women.  It essentially made me a bigot … kind of like a racist.  There are some basic things what anyone should avaoid (addiction to crack comes to mind) … but I don’t want to create a list for this magical woman … especially since I am convinced I won’t know what I’m looking for until I find her.  But hey … that’s just me.
I’m good … now you