SBM: Yeah man … my girl is truly a good girl.
Draino: Man please … aint no such thing.
SBM: Naw man … I’m serious.
Draino: Ok … so how is she so “good”?
SBM: Uhhh … I mean … u know … she be good n sh*.
Draino: Right … shut yo sprung a$$ up.

I was sitting down, listening to my man Streetz’s online radio show, The Non Stop Radio Show, and the topic was “Do Nice Guys/Girls finish last?”.  Before they could even get to this part though, there was a hard question that had to be answered … “What is a good girl (or guy)?”

This made me thing, what does make a good girl.  I’m sure I can spot a good girl from a mile away, but how?  Is every guy born with a good girl radar that compliments our phat a$$ cute girl radar?  Can’t be that simple … right?

In keeping with the SBM tradition of telling you how to live your life better, I present:

5 Ways to Spot a Good Girl

She’s never heard of “The Dirty Sanchez”

Or reverse cowgirl, or “The Shocker”, or “The Superman”, or any of the official SBM S*x Slang.  Girls who just are “sheltered” when it comes to the true freakiness that almost every person now knows all to well.  Sure, you might have heard it in middle school, but this good girl still is trying to figure out why its called  blow … when u suck?

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She doesn’t drink (at least heavily)

Every date is a great cheap date (easy to keep a two person dinner under $50 when there is no Remy or Goose involved). Good girls don’t get drunk … well no all the time.  Personally, I had to stop keeping count of my “intoxicated outings”.  Good girls can count them on one hand … and (here is the kicker) actually remembered what happened.

She is drug-free

Good girls don’t smoke weed, sniff coke, or do crack (hell … most bad girls aint doing crack).  If she really listened to her D.A.R.E. counselor and still has the t-shirt from the 4th grade the reminds her to stay on the right path.

She openly talks about her sexually history

And here is where the fight breaks out.  Simply stated, good girls haven’t had a train, ran through the football team, or given head for money … so their not afraid to talk about what they’ve done. Need to know their Magic Number … ok.  Need her magic ratio … no problem.  I’m not saying you should run scare of all these women who refuse to talk about it (which apparently are a lot) … but you can prolly go ahead and take them out of the Good Girl running.

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Her titties aren’t out

Good girls apparently love the feel of fabric on their body, because there is never a loose aureoles in sight.  Turtle necks, floor length dresses, and bubbles protecting them from all of the outside … “good girls” don’t want to expose too much.

Now, this list is purposefully short, because the comments are where the real list will get made.  I especially want to hear from the women on this one … and any “good ones” if they even exist?