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Take that sh*t off!

Every once in awhile … I think to myself: “SBM … some of the SBM massive want to know more about you.  They want to know more about the man behind the blog.”

Usually this comes in the form of a twit saying “when am I gonna get my picture?” And as always, I promptly tell them I’m trying to stop sending pictures of my p*nis through the internet how about I share my soul instead.

Twice already have I tried to share my “quirks” here and here.  The things that I like or dislike that just aren’t commonplace.  There weird things that just “do it” for me that most other guys just aren’t going to understand.

So come on into my brain.  Make sure you take your shoes off and get acquainted.

Not owning a smartphone

With the iPhone more popular than the iPod basically, Blackberry’s given away for free, and my high school cousin even having an Android (Droid) phone … there really isn’t any reason a grown woman shouldn’t have a phone that gets email.  If you’re afraid of technology … then I’m afraid I can’t buy you dinner.  We can smash … but you’re gonna need to find a ride home in the morning since you can’t use the “call-a-cab” app or find walking directions.

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Different Color Nail Polish on each finger

For those who know me, I kind of have this “thing” about nails.  Bad nails will end any idea of things moving forward, and some sexy nails will instantly add on 2 points (out of 10 … that’s a LOT).  And I can’t stand the whole different color for each nail fad.  If you’re in high school … maybe … but there is no reason anyone over the age or 19 should still be doing this and to the person who knows I am talking to them … stop it and don’t tweet me with any hostility.

Platform Heels

Go ahead and add feet/shoes to the fetish list, because they are another make or break item.  These made the list in 2010 and I’m still not sure why.  But one day I was wasting away, not paying attention the person talking to me … and then … I saw them.  Not sure what it was about them (especially since they weren’t open toed), but not platform heels just make me think of dirty dirty things that I can’t repeat in this public forum.

Knowing the square root of -1

The more I talk about it … the more “fetishes” come to mind.  Anyways … intelligence is the #1 must have.  And specifically when I saw this equation on a shirt at my school, and the lovely individual next to me was able to decipher it … I started mentally mapping out the nearest bathroom (yeah … I’m a romantic one!).

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Wearing Polo Assn

I’m far from a label whore … well … I might have a little label promiscuity in me.  Regardless, wearing the “not Ralph Lauren” brand is unforgivable.  Why are there a team of horses on your shirt instead of one?  Everytime I see a guy or girl in it … I just shake my head in shame.

You don’t read

Sheeet … I’m not gonna even explain this one, because if it pertains to you … I’m glad you made it this far.  BTW, magazines and blogs don’t count.  If you don’t have a bookshelf with some real books (or an e-reader) … dueces.

More importantly than the random nuances that define my dating life, what are yours?  What little random thing is it that you hate, yet you don’t think the masses will understand? What little thing are you OK with judging a person on, even though you know it’s wrong???

Remember … basic stuff DOES NOT COUNT! If I hear someone say “I don’t like skinny women” (since a lot of guys don’t) or “I don’t like short guys” (since 75% of women don’t) … you will get dummy slapped.  Yes … a virtual SBM hand will come out and dummy slap you (we got the technology)!

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– SBM aka I know what I want aka They sell real Polo at MARSHALLS!! What’s your excuse?