For all the social networking, blogs, and my extroverted nature,  it boggles my mind when I’m late on certain shows and movies. If you follow me on twitter, you know I love to engage in mass social network TV watching. So when I hear about certain shows that I have yet to see or follow on a regular basis, here how ill it is, and then actually see and believe for myself. Now I ask you in advance not to judge me, because after all this is a sharing place right? so here we go..

The Office

I know I’m going to get serious heat for this. Yes, the man who constantly hits people on twitter with #TWSS, doesn’t consistently watch the show from where the saying originated! I’ve seen this show only in random episodes, and never watched a full season.  I thought it was cool, but I guess I just have to sit down and Netflix the game goodbye. Just go though it thoroughly and pump them out. #TWSS

No Country For Old Men

I will admit I’m not the biggest movie goer, but I heard about this movie being off the hook for a LONG time. I can never catch it in its entirety. I usually catch the beginning and then something comes up and I have to change the channel. I might even catch it on an infamous barbershop bootleg session, but once my cut is done, so am I. I’m keeping a running list of movies I need to see. How was True Grit?

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Mad Men [||]

People at my day job have been raving about this show for the last year. I heard the premise behind it, but it didn’t really interest me. I heard about all the awards its won, and the accolades, but no real spark to see the show. I definitely want to check it out, just to see the hype.


David Duchovny >>>! A show about a sex addict and I’ve never watched?! I mean, I can write a manifesto about CineMax after dark, so how do i never get to see this show? You know what it is: back in the day you have to be on some OTHER sh*t to have HBO AND Showtime on your TV. I almost forget I have it now (DirecTV FTW!!), so I never check for shows on that channel. This show is one of my priorities as well.

Battlestar Gallactica

I am a serious Sci-fi head. Like, Sci Fi is probably my favorite genre of TV. Give me Star Trek (all of em), Stargate(most of em) FRINGE (!!!), and any other show like that, any day. How I missed out on this cult classic,  is a travesty. I will place myself on nerd suspension until further notice!


This one shames me, as murder, mystery, and mayhem are always at the top of my fantasy TV wish list. Does this come on ShowTime as well? (Too lazy to Google now). I have no words or excuses, but by the time I really paid attention to people raving about it, It was like in season 25. Add another to the queue!

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Those are some shows and movies that I’m late on, what about you? Any books, movies, or music I should experience? Sharing is caring…. n sh*!