Today is my birthday.  I’m feeling old now, but I’m also feeling a little bit wiser.  This is the second birthday I’m sharing with the blog, and it makes me thing about back in the day when I used to single handily write 5 posts a week in order to get some readers.  Now I got a super dream team of writers, and life is a lot different.

Anyways, as I am now <insert mystery age> years old, I figured I’ll take this time to drop some of my nuggets of wisdom although I’m younger than some 40% of the readers.

So, since I’m not working today, since I always take my birthday off, I’m going to share:

Things I’ve Learned During my Time on Earth

I’m starting to like booty

While I have, and always will be a breast man … booty is making a strong case nowadays.  I know find myself walking behind my girl and just oggling as she walks down the street.  Rarely before was I able to find the allure in ass … but as I have aged … I have found myself appreciating it for all of its glory more and more.

Having a good girlfriend is easy

For years, dating was always work.  Being with someone always meant sacrificing some significant portion of “me”.  It always felt like I had to give up either my dreams, desires, sanity, or something in order for the other person to be happy.  This always left a sour taste in my mouth about relationships, and it’s another reason I didn’t think twice about naming myself Single Black Male.  Now that I’m in a relationship that’s great and easy … well … sh*t … I now realized that …

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I like having a girlfriend

I’m not saying that I didn’t like any of my exes or potential girlfriends, but they don’t even compare.  Everything is fun, life is good, and since I outgrew the club way before I got bunned up, it’s nice to have a reason to keep my arse inside the house.  It’s a lot easier to convince one person to go out of town or follow you to a restaurant than a group of your friends.

I’m a old soul

I used to be the “wild” one.  I used to think I was the one who was out there, loud, and throwing dollars out the moon roof while yelling obsenities at random chics as we drove down the street acting up.  But, I feel so old now, and being several years away from 30, I’m not really old.  Now that I know I’m a homebody, I no longer need to fool myself.  N***a, I’m not trying to go out, I’m good.

I will never understand women

One reason for this site was to further my research on the female thought process.  I was going to crack the code, figure out the secret, and enrich the life of men everywhere.  I would also write a book like Steve Harvey and add a few millions onto the stack with the book.  It would also help give me the happiest wife in the world, who would think of her husband (me) as a true gift from God.  But, age and wisdom has shown me how outrageous and crazy my goal was.  The female mind is a mysterious black hole that is never to be truly understood.  There are some basic things that I’ve learned and will use as I move forward … the rest … I give up.  Let someone else go through the trouble.

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I try not to get too personal with this space, and I’ve never been the one to “put it all out there”, but I’ve been drinking (I mean … it is my brithday) and I’ve been thinking … so I wanted to share.

What nuggets of wisdom do you have to share with the world? What did I get wrong and you feel I need to fix? What do I do with myself now that I’m old?

– SBM aka Your favorite Blogger’s Favorite Blogger