From the many stories I’ve heard from friends, associates, and conversations that I eavesdropped on happen to overhear, it’s evident that men and women differ on fundamental issues. You’re a Republican, she’s a Democrat. You are a mac, she’s a PC She lives in my lap. You root for the Redskins, she’s a Cowboys fan. although they both aren’t as awesome as the NY Football Giants, but to each their own It is my goal to help the SBM community better understand one another so that the sex communication can improve.  So I present the differences that men and women must know in order to have the best sex ever a better understanding of one another:

Venus: Emotions not EMOtions
Men, women are more in tune with their emotions. Our problem is that we always may dismiss these feelings as collateral damage from that time of the month. Open your eyes and see their responses to certain issues or actions. Their feelings aren’t as cryptic as we know they are one may think. It doesn’t make you emo to be in touch with feelings, it makes you smarter. Learn to empathize and you’ll get far.

Mars: The Spike TV Effect
Ladies, we as men enjoy many things that you would consider “childish” (i.e. Video games, comics, gadgets, anime, wrestling etc). Understand that these guilty pleasures don’t classify men as immature, it actually serves as an outlet for entertainment, stress relief, and overall enjoyment. We can have interests in “sophisticated” type of entertainment, but we need a balance. We need an escape at times from the harsh realities of life, and to be honest some of those things are just cool! You don’t have to watch WWE or know how to play Street Fighter, but just appreciate that we love this stuff. Its in our DNA I’m sure of it*

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Venus: Its the little things that count [II]
Men sometimes think too much when trying to impress a woman. Our judgement gets clouded by reactions we can’t decipher, along with our simplistic nature for pleasure. We also at times don’t care for the details in courtship. Those minuscule, insignificant displays of affection that we abhor, women will adore. That’s why they remember every milestone in a relationship because they are super dooper snoopers they pay attention to detail. You should do the same or end up delinquent and past due on the pums (see what I did there?)


Mars: “I never change this is J every day”
Ladies, I have to break you off it to you gently: You cannot change men. If he changes, he changes because HE wants to make that change. Don’t sit in a corner and chant “Yes We Can”, because you’ll be disappointed. In fact, I would say show me a man that you can change with ease, and I’ll show you a relationship that won’t last. Unless you’re a woman who likes weak men #noshots I’m not saying to accept mistreatment or neglect, but you have to make him aware of your feelings and then the rest is up to him. Remember at the same time that we all have good and bad qualities, and if you truly believe his negatives are deal breakers, then tell him to get.the.steppin!

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Venus: The Secret to Understanding Women
Fellas, I’m going to give you the greatest tip you will ever need to know about understanding women: You’ll never understand women 100%. No, I’m not kidding. I finally understood why women call us simple. A +B = C for us most of the time. For them the equation looks more like this:

They have constants and  variables for which we have to solve. There’s the inverse, mod, and least common denominator to decipher. For my NYC brethren, they’ll make you feel like you are stuck on “red book” math with no chance ever of getting to AP Calculus. We can give you all the advice in the world, and a base knowledge pool of resources from which to formulate an opinion, but sooner or later you will have to analyze and act based off of unique situations. Don’t beat yourself up about failing to completely understanding a woman. You’ll see a unicorn in the hood before that happens. Remember your experience and heed the words of the wise and you’ll be fine.

Mars: Shortie get it in!
Women I’m about to bless your sexy bodies minds with KEY information. As men, we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. We go through things, more than you’d ever know, because we don’t speak on every single conflict we endure…unless dude is emo You have your inner spider sense which tells you that we exhibit some type of concealed stress. Sometimes we don’t want to talk about it. Sometimes we don’t need a lecture. These are the times where we need you to embody every sexual fantasy we have and just do it (no swoosh). You say we’re simple right? That’s as simple I can be to explain how that one gesture will have a dude appreciate you in ways you cannot imagine, and will have him reciprocate the sentiment.

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These are some of the more prevalent observations I’ve made. My people, what other defining characteristics of men and women should we know in order to survide in this cold world? Let’s talk,
Streetz alias “We are NOT the same, I am a Haitian Martian”